What Does It Mean When a Dog Is AKC Certified?

What Does It Mean When a Dog Is AKC Certified?

If you plan to buy a purebred puppy, you may see “AKC certified” on a lot of breeder websites. But what is an AKC-certified dog, and why is this so important for purebreds? Here, we’ll dive deeper into those questions to help you understand what an AKC-certified dog is and how to register your puppy.

What Is the AKC?

The AKC is the American Kennel Club, which is a not-for-profit organization that lays out rules for canine breeders. This organization also registers purebred dogs. The AKC is important because its regulations protect breeds and ensure that individuals follow responsible breeding procedures. Additionally, certification provides your vet with your dog’s genetic records.

What Is an AKC-Certified Dog?

If a breeder says their puppies are AKC certified, it means that the American Kennel Club recognizes this dog’s lineage and that you can track your pup’s ancestry. This also ensures the puppy you buy really is purebred with a clean bloodline. In other words, this registration confirms your dog’s family tree, which makes it easier for you to go through their familial generations. The American Kennel Club will give you a certificate and an AKC collar tag.

Just remember that an AKC certification doesn’t automatically mean the puppy is healthy or free of breed-related conditions. Knowing this information requires health testing on the parents. However, knowing your puppy’s family history does make this easier, since you can evaluate their DNA records with your vet.

Reasons To Register Your Dog

Registering your dog with the AKC also has various other benefits. As a not-for-profit organization, the AKC uses the money acquired through registrations to promote education on dog training and proper canine care. So although only purebreds can register in the AKC, the organization benefits all dogs and their human companions.

How To Register Your Dog

You can register a puppy with the AKC only if both parents are already in the database, which may require a conversation with the breeder. Ask the breeder whether their dams and sires—female and male dogs, respectively—are AKC certified as you look for a pup.

Some breeders will take care of most of the groundwork for getting your puppy an AKC certification. If they don’t, you’ll have to fill out a form on the AKC website or mail the required documents to provide information on:

  • Breed type
  • Registration number
  • Date of birth
  • Names of puppy and parents

In addition, you’ll have to provide the breeder’s name, their address, and other information. If your dog gets approved, they will be registered within their family tree, and you’ll receive records stating this.

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