Joie De Vivre means “Zest for Life” or “Joy of Living”.
That’s exactly what our European Dobermans will bring you.

I have raised Dobermans since my American Bully “Onyx” passed away. When looking for the European Doberman I came across many breeds. Nothing could have convinced me more that Doberman’s were the perfect breed than my first Dobie “Atlas”. I had never owned a dog that was more in tuned with his humans than Atlas. Wanna go for a run? “Let’s go”. Wanna sit on the couch and watch netflix? “Sure”. That was the attitude.  I challenge you to find dog more engaged to his human than the European Doberman Pinscher.

My four beautiful daughters have never known a life without Dobermans.  I’ve never known a dog to be more gentle and tolerant with children and also be so playful. Our dobermans demonstrate an incredible amount of drive yet the ability to just flip the switch and be so affectionate. The love, loyalty, and affection you get from the doberman is unmatched.

Our dobermans are strong, healthy, vigorous, magnificent and dignified. They blend to any environment. A European Doberman looks just as natural on a  farm chasing horses as he does on a downtown stroll. It amazes me and how beautiful and eye catching they are on the street. Our Dobermans are among the most beautiful you’ll see. All Joie De Vivre Dobermans are AKC registered and come with Limited registration. (Ask about full registration)

Make no mistake our Dobermans  have work ability. They are all highly trained, fierce, and noble protectors of their family. Genetic drive and superior intelligence with consistent training make these dogs champions. Either for sport or full time protection dog. We offer lifetime training tips and advice with all our puppies.

Joie De Vivre means “Zest for Life” or “Joy of Living”. That’s exactly what our European Dobermans will bring you. Royal and elegant, fearless yet tinder. As long as exercised properly our European Dobermans will adapt to any environment  and will be your most faithful companion. Words cannot express the Joy my dobermans have brought to my life. I hope you too, can experience life with a Joie De Vivre Doberman.