Doberman Ear Cropping

What Is Ear Cropping?

Doberman ear cropping is the process of altering the dog’s floppy ears so that they stand upright. This occurs when the dog is a puppy, and the breeder will often care for the pup until the vet removes the stitches. When you buy from us, you can pick your puppy up at Joie de Vivre Doberman after the vet removes the stitches, or we’ll bring your puppy to you! Many owners prefer Doberman cropped ear styles because they make the dog look more valiant and elegant. Another reason many crop their dog’s ears is that floppy ears are more prone to infection, especially if water gets in them. Dobermans naturally have floppy ears, but cropping and posting them ensures they stand up straight.

Leave It To the Breeder

Some owners prefer to independently seek out a vet for the Doberman ear cropping process. We advise against doing this yourself because cropping a dog’s ears requires an expert vet, and caring for the pup immediately after surgery isn’t easy. The surgery required for Doberman ear cropping calls for a highly skilled vet. When you adopt a puppy from Joie de Vivre Doberman, you allow us to handle this task for you. We partner with veterinarian specialist Dr. Anne Midgarden to crop each puppy’s ears because she is one of the top vets around for this procedure. We only want the best vet cropping the ears of each puppy we sell. We take expert care of the puppies until the removal of the stitches.

Ear Cropping Aftercare

After the stitches come out, your Doberman puppy will be ready to go home. You can pick your dog up from Joie de Vivre Doberman or have us deliver it to you! We recommend you change the bandages at least once a week and clean the area as you post the ears. When you get your Doberman puppy, we’ll give you a step-by-step lesson on how to post their ears to ensure they heal properly.

Contact us if you bought a puppy from Joie de Vivre Doberman and have questions about Doberman ear cropping or the aftercare process.