5 Doberman Myths You Need To Stop Believing

There are all sorts of myths about Dobermans that lead to various misconceptions about the breed. Learn the truth about these beautiful and loyal dogs!

10 Important Questions To Ask a Dog Breeder

Nearly every dog lover has a favorite breed. Buying a healthy purebred puppy means taking time to seek out the best breeder around. If this is your first time buying a dog, you may not know what information to look for as you make your list of questions. Don’t worry! We’ve compiled the top things to ask a dog breeder to ensure […] Continue Reading

The Three Types of Doberman Ear Cropping Styles

When cropping a Doberman’s ears, we may think there’s only one style. After all, most call it “ear cropping” or refer to the dog’s ears as cropped. However, owners select several different Doberman ear cropping styles for the breed, and each has a different look. In this ear cropping guide, we’ll help you learn more about these styles and understand the differences. […] Continue Reading