The Three Types of Doberman Ear Cropping Styles

The Three Types of Doberman Ear Cropping Styles

When cropping a Doberman’s ears, we may think there’s only one style. After all, most call it “ear cropping” or refer to the dog’s ears as cropped. However, owners select several different Doberman ear cropping styles for the breed, and each has a different look. In this ear cropping guide, we’ll help you learn more about these styles and understand the differences.

Show Crop

There are particular requirements for show dogs in an event. For this cropping style, a veterinarian specializing in cropping will alter the ears to stand upright and appear narrower. Often ears cropped in this style appear slightly curved along the outer edges, and it’s the longest of the cropping styles. Remember that you’ll have to choose this style of ear cropping if you want to enroll your Doberman in dog shows as laid out by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Military Crop

This is sometimes referred to as a pet crop and results in shorter, upright ears. Many owners select this style if they don’t intend to enroll their Doberman in dog shows but still want the elegant look many recognize in the breed.

Medium Crop

The medium crop is the final option of the three Doberman ear cropping styles. If you’ve ever seen a fierce-looking Doberman standing guard to protect their family, chances are they had this ear style. The medium crop gives the breed a more intimidating look which is ideal for any working dog, especially if their task is to protect the home. When it comes to length and width, this style is between the size of the military crop and the show crop.

Bonus Ear Cropping Facts

When you crop a puppy’s ears, you need to find a vet that’s an expert in this type of surgery, and not all veterinarians perform this procedure. All pups bought from Joie de Vivre Dobermans get their ears cropped by a highly experienced vet to ensure success.

After a puppy has its ears cropped, you must take good care of them and post the ears so they heal correctly. This requires you to bandage your Dobermans’ ears and keep them upright once the stitches come out. You’ll need to clean the area to prevent infection and regularly change the bandages.

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