10 Important Questions To Ask a Dog Breeder

Important questions to ask your breeder

Nearly every dog lover has a favorite breed. Buying a healthy purebred puppy means taking time to seek out the best breeder around. If this is your first time buying a dog, you may not know what information to look for as you make your list of questions. Don’t worry! We’ve compiled the top things to ask a dog breeder to ensure you get a healthy puppy and a perfect fit for your lifestyle. It’s important to buy from a responsible breeder.

When Can I Bring a Puppy Home?

This question sounds a bit general, but a puppy’s age is a determining factor as to when it should go to its forever home. Puppies should be at least eight weeks old before separating them from their mother. This also allows each pup to bond with its siblings, parents, and other animals living in the home. Dogs require socialization from a young age as it helps them understand behaviors.

How Should I Prepare?

Many breeders allow you to visit the puppies for several weeks before taking yours home so that you can decide if it’s a perfect fit. During this appointment, ask about what you should do to prepare your home for the pup. For example, you’ll need:

  • To reorganize your daily schedule: Puppies require adequate playtime and training.
  • Puppy supplies: You may need to buy specific food and items like bows and toys.
  • To find a vet: All puppies need first appointments with a veterinarian.

By asking these questions before bringing your pup home, you can prepare your household for the new arrival. You may need to move specific items, such as cords, and puppy-proof the house to remove potential dangers. Spend time gathering supplies and researching local vets before bringing the puppy home. Once your furry addition arrives, your focus will shift to it.

Is It Socialized?

This is a great question to ask your dog breeder because canines require socialization from a young age, as many behavioral issues can develop without it. A lack of socialization can cause a dog to not know how to act around other animals or its human companions, leading to aggression or a lack of confidence.

Puppies often play and wrestle with one another because it’s fun! But this also gives them a chance to communicate; if one yelps, it’s time to stop because things got too rough. Similarly, interacting with adults and children teaches a puppy how to behave with its human family.

Puppy Tip

Your puppy shouldn’t be around dogs outside of its blood-related family for the first few weeks of life. Without the appropriate vaccines, dogs can catch dangerous illnesses from one another. For example, parvovirus is a deadly illness, and vaccines against it typically take place around 14 weeks of age.

What Does the Puppy Eat?

Knowing the type of food your puppy eats is crucial since changing foods too quickly could make it sick. Talk to the breeder to find out whether you need to purchase this on your own or if they can supply you with some for the time being. If you decide to change foods, gradually mix the new food into what it currently eats.

Which Puppy Is Mine?

The puppy you fell in love with on the breeder’s website may not be “your dog.” Although each pup may be the same breed in this litter, all dogs have unique personalities. The breeder knows the litter best and will help you find the perfect fit. So, if you’re an active individual always looking for a new adventure, you may want a more rambunctious pup to accompany you. On the other hand, a family searching for a guard dog needs the dominant member of the pack.

Are the Dogs Health Tested?

Some breeds are at a higher risk of developing specific diseases and other health issues. The best breeders will test the parents before using them to ensure a strong bloodline. Health-related problems, like hip dysplasia, eye problems, respiratory issues, etc., can impact a dog’s quality of life, and treatment isn’t cheap. Strive to buy from a breeder that does health testing on their dogs to prevent health issues commonly seen in the breed.

Joie de Vivre Dobermans

As a reputable European Doberman breederwe health test all dams and sires to ensure our puppies have a low risk for breed-related problems. We do DNA testing, X-rays, and Holter testing before any breeding can occur.

Is the Dog AKC Certified?

You can keep track of the pup’s lineage if the breeders have registered it with the American Kennel Club (AKC). So you can see the dog’s parents, grandparents, siblings, and any other members of its family tree. Some breeders take care of registering the puppy, and the price of it is a part of your buying fee.

AKC-Registered Breeders

Search for a breeder registered with the AKC as they must follow specific breeding guidelines to keep the dogs safe and healthy.

What if I Can’t Care for My Puppy?

This can happen to the best of us, and while the thought of giving up your pup may break your heart, sometimes it’s the best thing you can do. Dogs require a lot of work, and some breeds instinctively want to work, so living inside with little stimulation can lead to destructive behaviors.

Find out what your options are if you find that caring for the puppy is more than you’re capable of. The best breeders understand dogs and the challenges; you can bring the pup back to them so that it can find a new home.

What Support Do You Offer?

Find out whether the breeder will offer additional support after purchasing the dog. Many will give you advice on caring for your dog free of charge because they know every breed of canine has different needs and requirements. Some breeders also offer training at an additional fee because they know what methods work best for these puppies since they’re a specialist in this breed of dog.

Is There a Contract?

The last thing you want is to see a price jump after you talk to a breeder and agree to buy from them. When you start talking, find out whether they have contacts that spell out the price per dog and what it covers. So if the breeder states they charge $5,000 per puppy, which also covers specific vaccines, neutering or spaying, and AKC registration, the contract should also say this.

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